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If you are in the market for a mortgage in Sandy, Utah, then you have come to the right place. Becoming a homeowner has a lot of added benefits such as: tax deductions, more privacy, artistic freedom, and an automatic savings. If you choose to work with us, we can help you reap these benefits in an affordable way.

About Us

Vision Mortgage LLC is committed to helping you find the right mortgage product for your specific needs. We understand that every borrower is different, and we offer a variety of products to meet your individual requirements. We make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering you the latest in financial tools that enable you to make sound financial choices.

We have a variety of different services that can help assist your financial goals. We will always have your best interest and will work hard to ensure you get the best deals on the market. To find out more information about the company, including our location, please click our About Us link.

Loan Center


The Loan Center tab offers easily accessible tools to assist you in choosing the right Sandy, UT. Mortgage for your financial situation. This includes our different types of loan calculators. Our online calculators include: prequalification, monthly payment, payment schedule, extra payment, ‘how much can I afford?’, ‘how much can I borrow?’, rent vs own, fixed rate vs ARM, 15-year mortgage vs 30-year mortgage, refinancing interest savings, and interest only. To gain access to these different calculators and start budgeting today, please click HERE.

Apply Now

To get started on your mortgage application, you can easily apply online here. We offer two different types of applications; one for a short loan application or a long loan application. If you feel more comfortable only filling in the minimum amount of information needed to process a loan, then please click our Short Loan Application HERE. If you would like to fill in all the information needed for a loan, then please fill out our Long Loan Application HERE.

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Once you have applied for a loan, you can create an account and view your profile at any time. This is where you can find updates on the loan process. To create an account, click HERE.

Contact Us

As your Sandy, UT., mortgage lender, we would love to work with you and help you finance your dream home. To contact us, you can click our “Contact Us” tab HERE. Or feel free to call our office directly at 801-523-1420, or email visionmtgllc@yahoo.com.


Here at Vision Mortgage LLC, we offer a variety of loan programs to meet your needs. We work with the top lenders in the industry to provide:
  • 30-year conventional loan
  • 15-year conventional loan
  • 30-year FHA
  • 15-year FHA
  • 30-year VA
  • 15-year VA
  • For more of a detailed description of these different loan products, please click HERE.


    As a first-time homebuyer, we understand how daunting the mortgage process can be. To help familiarize yourself with the process, we have provided a list of the most frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers, HERE.


    For helpful links, you can view our “Resources” tab, which provides a list of helpful documents including information on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home buying process, and more.

    Our “Resources” tab also offers the basic forms needed to apply for a mortgage. This includes a loan application in English and Spanish, disclosure information, FHA forms, borrower signature authorization, and a gift letter. To access these forms, please click HERE.

    Get Started Today

    As your local mortgage lender in Sandy, UT., we would love to work with you and help you achieve your goals of homeownership. With the variety of different services we offer, and our knowledgeable team, we can ensure you get the lowest rates on the market. So don’t wait, contact us today to get started at 801-523-1420 or email visionmtgllc@yahoo.com.